Rise of the Robots: Cutting edge tech education at BCCC

Conventional wisdom would have it that manufacturing is a dying industry in the U.S. And, while old-school assembly lines have shed many jobs over the past decade, the industry is reinventing itself with the help of high

Become a Registered Nurse

Empathetic and compassionate. A desire to help people. A team player. Sound like you? A successful career in nursing may be waiting for you. Baltimore City Community College offers an Associate of Science degree for Registered Nurses

The Early Enrollment Program at BCCC for High School Students

What Classes Can I Take? BCCC offers courses in business, computer technology, mathematics, biotechnology, sociology, speech, psychology, English and history, among others. To see a complete list of available BCCC courses and degree/certification programs, check out the

E-Learning at BCCC

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives, including how we learn. Today’s teachers do more than convey information—they engage with students to create an interactive, immersive learning environment. “This is what electronic learning is about,” says