Quick Careers in Continuing Education

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Need a new career?

If you’re looking for a skills refresher to help you find a job, or if you’re not sure what you want to do, consider taking a Continuing Education course. The Business & Continuing Education Division (BCED) at BCCC offers courses that are quick alternatives to traditional educational training programs, designed for the busy adult learner.

“In a number of weeks—versus a number of years—you can earn a certificate and get a job,” says Jean Henry, director of Workforce Development and Community Education at BCCC. Classes can range from two weeks to nine months, with most training courses running less than a year. “We have day and evening classes that fit with anyone’s schedule,” says Henry, “with new training programs for careers in industries that have not previously been offered by BCCC.”

BCED has revitalized the workforce side of the college by analyzing the current employer needs in the Baltimore area and tailoring its course offerings to meet that demand. BCED also conducts customized training for small businesses, helping keep the skills of Baltimore employees sharp.

Health Care

“Our health care courses have expanded based on what hospitals want, both in new fields and by training incumbent workers for higher careers,” states Henry.

The Baltimore Alliance for Careers in Healthcare notes that, in Baltimore, “health care is the city’s largest employment sector.” Nationwide, health care employment accounts for the largest increase of any sector of the economy, with more than 13.5 million jobs, and the industry is set to expand with the aging of the baby boom generation.

See bccc.edu/healthcare for the wide variety of training offerings, and contact the Health Care Division at 410-986-3207 or healthcare@bccc.edu for information.

Hospitality and Tourism

“This is an industry we’ve never been in before,” says Henry. “But it’s a huge industry with big needs. One in every ten jobs in Maryland is in hospitality and tourism.” BCCC has partnered with the American Hotel and Lodging Association to provide certifications in hospitality careers that will prepare students to work in Maryland’s many hotels.  BCCC also offers training and certification in Food Service Sanitation for those working in the food service industry.

A partnership with Horseshoe Casino Baltimore has created a unique Table Games Dealer Training program in anticipation of the new Caesars venue.

Find out more by calling Ida Sass, Associate Director of Workforce Development, at 410-986-5545 or hospitality@bccc.edu.

Transportation and Construction

With active ports, railways, and interstates connecting it to most of the U.S., Baltimore City is one of the primary transit hubs of the East Coast. Get your certification training in logistics to work in this expanding field. BCCC has partnered with the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council to provide industry-recognized certifications in supply chain management logistics.

Construction courses at BCCC are more than hammers and nails. Plumbing, carpentry, and electrical classes are taught alongside state-of-the-art energy efficiency and renewable energy classes, and training in the Home Building Institute has netted a phenomenal 80 percent job placement rate for graduates.

Contact Jean Henry, Director of Workforce Development and Community Education Services, at 410-580-2771 or
construction@bccc.edu for more information.

Energy Efficiency

BCCC has a U.S. Department of Energy-designated National Weatherization Training Center, where students can become certified in weatherization in as little as two weeks. Jobs in energy efficiency and green technology are booming across the country, with no end in sight.  New classes are always being developed.  Check in with us to see what’s new!  Contact Jean Henry, Director of Workforce Development and Community Education Services, at 410-580-2771 or construction@bccc.edu formore information.

Business & Continuing Education locations:

•  Harbor BCED
710 E. Lombard Street

•  Liberty Campus
2901 Liberty Heights Avenue

•  Reisterstown Plaza Center
6764A Reisterstown Road

•  National Weatherization Training Center, 1819 E. Preston Street

•  The Life Sciences Institute at
University of Maryland BioPark
801 W. Baltimore Street

•  Classes can also be taught at your site!

For more information: Call 410-986-3200

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